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A dance production of Cleveland Cultural Alliance


Guru: Padmashri Adyar K. Lakshman

Dancers: G. Narendra; Bragha Bessell; Sreelatha Vinod; Mahalakshmi; C.A.Joy

Musicians: O. S. Arun - vocal

Ramesh Babu– mridangam; Sivaganeshan– violin; Muthukumar – flute

Date: Saturday, April 17th, 1999 Time: 6.30 p.m
Venue: Upper Dublin High School Auditorium
800 Loch Alsh Avenue, Fort Washington, PA 19034 (Directions overleaf)

Admission Fees

Front three rows: $25.00 Adults, $10.00 Children under 16.

All other rows: $12.00 Members, $15.00 Non-members, $5.00 Students,

Free for Children under 16.


Perfection awaits with bemused patience at the end of a long and arduous road. The journey along this road is an endless and progressively more intensive sequence of learning and practice. Abhyaasa is this journey, a journey on a road cobbled with millions of stones of dedication. At its start, this journey is lit with hope, filled with expectation and striking in its simplicity. Simplicity that was abundant in the great centers of Bharata Natyam – Thanjavoor, Mayuram, Chidambaram and Kumbakonam and their numerous gurus or teachers.

Abhyaasa occurs in a gurukulam, in the mittam (inner courtyard). It loosely reflects the art related activities of a plausible day, one among thousands of such. The guru, much like the famous nattuvanars of old, is a non-performing expert in both music and dance and gives these complementary arts equal importance – in accordance with the dictum that sangeetham is amalgam of geetham (song), vadhyam (instruments) and nrityam (dance). The sishyas are advanced, having been at the gurukulam for numerous years. The day, however, starts with basic exercises, before progressing to advanced, interpretive pieces and culminating in a performance at the temple.

The emphasis is on practice, with interludes of instruction. The attention of the sishyas is focused on the guru, the source of their art and, eventually their livelihood. The guru, however encourages their creativity and urges them to develop their own interpretations, within the framework developed by generations of gurus in his family, of the gems of carnataka sangeetham (South Indian classical music). This encouragement is aimed at the musicians as well, leading to episodes of point and counter point.

The production recreates the atmosphere of a gurukulam and does not therefore follow the standard format of a Bharata Natyam performance. The costumes are simpler, reflecting a simpler age and suited to the demands of abhyaasa. The pieces performed are from a repertoire, but the choice of pieces for a particular performance is based on whatever strikes the fancy of the guru and his sishyas on that day.

Directions to the Venue

From North and Central New Jersey: Take New Jersey Turnpike to PA Turnpike and follow directions in 4.

From South Jersey: Take I-76 to I-476 North to PA Turnpike going East.
From Delaware: Take I-95 North to I-476 North to PA Turnpike going East.

Travelling on PA Turnpike: Take exit 26 ( Fort Washington ); After toll booth go straight to Pennsylvania Avenue; On Pennsylvania Avenue, after the second traffic light and before the third traffic light, make a right on to Ft. Washington Ave. Make a left on to Lockalsh Avenue. High School is on your right. Park in the front or rear parking area.
From areas North of Ft. Washington: Take 309S to Ambler exit; Right on Butler; Left on Susquehanna Road; Right on Ft. Washington Ave; Right on Loch Alsh.
From areas South of Fort Washington: Take 309N to Susquehanna Road exit; Right at ramp on to Susquehanna; Right on Ft. Washington Ave; Right on to Loch Alsh.

For tickets and further information, please contact: Sudhakar Rao 610-277-1607 srmetlap@aol.com

Prabhakar Chitrapu 215-616-0486 p_chitrapu@hotmail.com

Usha Balasubramanian 215-699-2827 ushabala@aol.com

Poornima Narayan 215-493-9091 poorniman@hotmail.com

A. Srinivasa Reddy 610-272-5198 sabumi@aol.com

Santi Kanumalla 610-277-8955 skanumalla@seic.com

N.V.Raman 302-421-9392 nvraman@delanet.com


Our sponsors: Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; First Union Bank; the Philadelphia Foundation

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