SRUTI Day 2018

General Body Meeting at 10.00 AM - SRUTI Members only
Elections at 12:00 PM - SRUTI Members only
Lunch at 12.30 AM
Bala Bhavam at 2:00 PM

Message from the Elections Committee

As per the Sruti Board Election Notice letter issued earlier, the Sruti 2018 Election Committee is pleased to inform Sruti members that we have received the following valid nominations for all the five open positions of the 2019 Sruti Board by the due date.

Name : Nari Narayanan
Current position : Director - Publications and Outreach
Future position : Director - Marketing and Publicity
Nominated by : Bala Balasubramanian
Seconded by : Shashank Narayan

Name : Srinivasan Raghavan
Current position : Director - Marketing and Publicity
Future position : Secretary
Nominated by : Satya Kunapali
Seconded by : Swarupa Sudini

Name : Chitra Kannan
Current position : N/A
Future position : Director - 1
Nominated by : Nalini Venkateswaran
Seconded by : Kamakshi Mallikarjun

Name : Uma Nagarajan (Sivakumar)
Current position : Director - 1
Future position : President - Elect
Nominated by : Uma Prabhakar
Seconded by : Padmini Venkataraman

Name : Dinakar Subramanian
Current position : Secretary
Future position : Director - Publications and Outreach
Nominated by : Venkat Kilambi
Seconded by : Ravi Pillutla

As per the Sruti by-laws floor nominations will not be accepted during the Sruti Day Election meeting this Saturday, Dec 8, starting at 10 AM.

Sruti Elections Committee
Rangarajan Suresh, Chairperson
Lakshmi Radhakrishnan, Member
Sundar Arunapuram, Member

SRUTI Election Announcement

The Sruti Board of Directors has constituted the election committee (named below) to conduct the annual elections at the upcoming Annual General Body Meeting scheduled for Saturday December 8 2018 at the Bharatiya Temple Auditorium,1612 County Line Road, Chalfont PA. The elections are for a two year term starting December 8 2018, for the following positions and will be conducted as the last segment of the Annual General Body Meeting.

1. President-elect
2. Secretary
3. Director Marketing
4. Director Publications & Outreach
5. Director 1
Please find the election notice HERE.

Please use the nomination form available HERE.