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Presents a Day Long Tribute to Sangeeta Kalanidhi T. Brinda...

Saturday, August 25 2012, 10:00 A.M.

Venue: Science Center Auditorium, Montgomery County Community College,
340 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Admission*: $10 per individual & $20 per family
* Includes one lunch coupon for individuals and up to four lunch coupons per family. Additional lunch coupons will be available for purchase ($5 per coupon).
****2012 Sponsors - Free****

For information: www.sruti.org,
email: srutiphila@gmail.com


10:00 AM to 11 AM- Thematic presentation on the Brindamma style by students of Kiranavali. They will be accompanied by Prakash Rao on the mridangam and Rajna Swaminathan on the kanjira.

11:00 AM to Noon- Presentation on Brindamma and her Music by Kiranavali

Noon to 1.30 PM- Lunch

01:30 PM - Vocal concert by B.Balasubrahmaniyan accompanied by L.Ramakrishnan on violin and Rajna Swaminathan on mridangam.

Thematic presentation on the Brindamma style by students of Kiranavali:
Sruti is proud to celebrate the centenary year of Sangeeta Kalanidhi T Brinda, the seventh generation representative of an impeccable lineage of performers. To highlight the continuing legacy of such a great lineage, we present a group program by children born and brought up in the USA, who have inherited this great treasure from their guru Kiranavali Vidyasankar. Kiranavali hails from a well-respected lineage herself and as one of the last disciples of T Brinda, had the unique privilege of learning directly from her for several years. As a resident of the US now, she is in a perfect position to pass on the values she has inherited to the next generation of Indians in a different land.

Presentation on Brindamma and her Music by Kiranavali:
APSangeeta Kalanidhi T Brinda was one of the finest singers in a long lineage of artists who pursued and upheld the highest values of excellence in South Indian music and dance. Hers is a remarkable life filled with achievements as a performer, teacher and a woman who had to adapt to all the changes that the British-influenced Indian society brought into the lives of traditional artists.

About B.Balasubrahmaniyan- Vocal:
BBB. Balasubrahmaniyan began music lessons with his father, D. Balraj, and subsequently studied under Vidwan B.Krishnamurthy, Sangita Kalanidhi Smt.T. Brinda and Sangita Kalanidhi Sri.T. Viswanathan. He highly regards the workshop he attended to study the song repertoire of Veenai Dhanammal Bani under Smt.T.Brinda, affectionately known as Brindamma and Viswa Sir. The workshop has changed his total understanding of Karnatic music. He has been awarded with scholarships and fellowships. He widely performed in India and abroad. Besides performance he obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Madras for his dissertation title "Reprints of Nandanar Carittiram A Study". He has served as a faculty member at the University of Madras. Since 2003, he has been teaching Karnatak Music at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.

About L.Ramakrishnan- Violin:
lrL. Ramakrishnan hails from a musical family and was formally initiated into a musical odyssey by his mother at the age of 2. He was trained in vocal music for a period of 8 years. He commenced his schooling in Carnatic Violin at the age of ten under the able guidance of Smt. Visalam Vageeswar at the Shanmukhananda Vidyalaya, Mumbai. Ramakrishnan performed his first solo concert at the age of 12 at Shanmukhananda, Mumbai. He came under the wings of the distinguished violin maestro Kum.A.Kanyakumari at the age of 13. It was during this phase that he learnt the importance of vocal orientation in instrument playing and the proper enunciation of Sahitya. He imbibed the art of accompaniment at an early age from the revered Guru. He has performed with her in her grand musical ensembles on numerous occasions. He has also strengthened his repertoire by learning from Shri. T.K. Govinda Rao and Smt. T.R.Balamani.

About Rajna Swaminathan- Mridangam:
RSRajna Swaminathan started learning mridangam from her father Dr. P. K. Swaminathan at the age of 5 and came under the direct tutelage of Sri Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman at the age of 8. During spring 2009, Rajna toured USA in an all female ensemble featuring Smt Lalgudi Viji (violin), Smt Sikkil Mala (flute), Smt Jaishree Jairaj (veenai) and Smt Bhagyalakshmi (Moresing). Rajna debuted in Chennai during summer 2005. She received great approbation from dignitaries and musicians. Rajna performs regularly during the Chennai December Music Festival. Rajna received the "Best Junior Mridangam Artiste" award from Music Academy, 2007. She is the youngest and the first female to get this award. Rajna performs mrudangam for Dance programs. During 2006, Rajna won a Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award, using which she learned the nuances of playing mridangam for dance. Rajna is a senior at the University of Maryland College Park.