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 Sruti Presents a Carnatic Vocal Concert By

Sri D. Sesha Chary 

& Sri D. Raghava Chary

Accompanied by

Sri Delhi P. Sunder Rajan – Violin

Sri Srimushnam S. Rajarao - Mridangam


Time & Date
October 6, 2001

6 PM

Venue (Directions)

Julia Ball Auditorium

Gwynedd-Mercy College
1325, Sumneytown Pike, Gwynedd, PA


Artist Profiles

D. Sesha Chary and D. Raghava Chary, also known as the HYDERABAD BROTHERS: Sri Sesha Chary and RagavaChary had systematic training from their father Sangeetha Sahitya Vidwan Late Sri D. Ratnamacharyulu. Their mother Smt. D. Sulochana Devi is also a very good musician. Later, Raghava Chary had training from Vidwan Late Sri Susarla Sivaram. At a very tender age, they emerged as good performers. They have been giving duet programs in all reputed Sabhas all over India including All India Radio and Television for a very long time. They have also participated in AIR Sangeetha Sammelan, Spirit of Unity Concerts (TV), Central Production Centre (CPC), Television and Doordashan National Network Programs. Hyderabad Brothers have evolved for themselves a compact pattern of presentation and their mutually blending voices make a deep impact on the listeners. Their grip over the SRUTHI, LAYA and SAHITYA BHAVA is remarkable and their repertoire wide and varied. They have been bestowed with numerous awards such as, "Best Vocalists", "Yogam Nagaswamy Award", "Asthana Vidwans", "Sangeetha Kalaimamanis", to name a few. They have several cassettes and CDs to their credit. They have toured USA, Canada, Australia, and Doha. This is their fourth tour of the U.S. and Canada.

Delhi P. Sunder Rajan – Violin: Sri Sunder Rajan hails in the lineage of Flute Maestro Brahmasri Sharabha Sastrigal. He is a disciple of Sangeethabhushanam Sri V.Janakiraman. He was recognized as a child prodigy and has established himself as an artiste of great talent, dedication and creativity. He has given solo performances all over the country and abroad. He has the rare distinction of winning the Madras Music Academy's prestigious award as the “Best accompanying violinist” for 3 years in succession. He has also won many other awards and is one of the most sought after violins artistes in India. All India Radio gave him an age exemption when they made him a graded artiste at the age of 13. He has established Venkata Academy of Music and Arts to impart training in the field of Carnatic Music.

Srimushnam S. Rajarao - Mridangam: In his career as a Mridangam artiste spanning nearly four decades, Sri Rajarao has earned the respect and admiration of not only the rasikas but also fellow artistes and is now rated among the top few percussionists in the field of Carnatic Music. He hails from a family of fine musicians, his father and grandfather being great vidwans themselves. He is a prime example of great mridangam players trained by the legendary Kumbakonam Rajappa Iyer. He is a fine vocal artiste himself, though he has confined himself mostly to the percussion field. He has been awarded many titles and awards including the appointment as “Asthana Vidwan” by both Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and Sringeri Sarada Peetam, also by the famous Pillayarpatti Ganapathy Temple. North American rasikas honored him with the title of “Sangeetha Ratnakara” at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival in 1997.


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